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My Life or Something Like It

-:- Starring Me -:-

19 March
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Hi.. I'm me.. yes interesting.. well fun fun.. have fun..

<3 always Me!

Proud Wicked OBC Snob

my pet!

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User Number: 3167176
Date Created:2004-05-16
Number of Posts: 180

Natalie is definitely a dedicated LiveJournal user. She enjoys many things like singing, dancing, acting, and running around screaming eeee. You may have seen her in the following parts: Glinda, Whore #1, Grease Chorus Girl, and previously played Lucinda. She also likes Chicken Wings and her friends.
Strengths: Bubbly, fun, and at times out-going.
Weaknesses: Procrastionation.
Special Skills: Numbchuck skills, cagefighting skills, you know - the norm.
Weapons: Bitchiness
Friends: Natalie would like to thank all her livejournal friends who added her 2crazy4u2beatme, 6362babe, acting_deaf, amdg, boldwhispersx, coinage_jwd, crushed_spirit, czyawld57, dkmadness, draikey, fla_gal87, gatzu, gkforever, gnar1ykarli, im2h2dao2da_t4u, jeanette707, kaisai, lil_ren1219, lilpigmy, missing_apart, peppermeg, pyisyum, rockmy_socks, simmbasroar, soprithes4lf, steveo1601, thewondermonkey, unexpectedlife, vansteph, xx97chica97xx.

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